Saturday, January 1, 2011

Terri's Post LONG

Warning this post is going to be picture heavy.

What a Year many ups and downs through out 2010, more downs then ups but I did get through another year. I ended the year on a high however. I again this year did The Magic of Christmas *see My Blog post for pictures*, and again was a very rewarding experience. I did he hospitals again and the centre I went to was again touching. I thought of Rene La Frog when I was doing my rounds. I do believe we have touched some lives in a positive way. There was one gentleman that was touched by us caring for him on Christmas and giving him a stuffed animal. He asked about what the organization was. After we explained to him about it I gave him a hug he started to cry that I cared so much for him I am seriously considering going back to see him. One woman was touched because in her 91 years it was the first time she ever got a teddy bear. Another patient wanted a Koala because he was from Australia originally and I did find one for him cause all the kids in us know that "Santa Delievers". One case that interested me the most was a woman didn't want us to talk or look at her. But when I saw her eating lunch I was able to talk to her and made her smile, the aids were shocked as she is a very aggressive woman. I am glad I went. We did some random Elfing's and made a lot of people smile. That is the best gift ever!!

Not a lot of stitching was done for the year but I plan on making up for that. I still play WOW but not a lot as it has lost all interest even with the new expansion.

For the New Year I have 16 new starts planned, all for January 1st I also have a model stitching job for Kustom Kraft. Really looking forward to that. I have my first assignment but I have to wait for the LNS to open on Tuesday to get the fabric for it. Another thing I am looking forward to is going back to school. I am still waiting for the funding to be approved.

So my 16 New Starts are as follows with photos:

Merry by Mill Hill:

Celtic Christmas by L&L this is a restart:

Wisconsin by Oberlin Samplers for my sister:

Dream by Lizzie Kate have to redo this one as mine went missing:

Snowman by Margaret Sherry got this as a RAK. I love snowmen:

Santa's North Pole by Glendon Place:

Haunted Hotel by Mill Hill:

2009 Boo Club by Lizzie Kate:

Just a little Peace and Quiet by Dragon Dreams:

Spooky Welcome by Stoney Creek:

Guardian Spirits by Dimensions for my adopted daughter:

Athena Goddess by Mirabilia:

Celtic Spring by L&L:

Firefly Fairies by L&L:

Three Faces of Santa by Vermilion Stitchery:

and last but not least The Pack by Janlynn also for my adopted daughter as her Native name is Lil grey wolf:

So for my 2011 goals they are:
Finish Monopoly almost there
Work on my KK models
Get ready for school
Start all January Starts *already done* lol
Finish Mystery XII
Finish SK Oriental Courage.
There will be more goals added through out the year but that is the main ones I wanted. Thank you all for hanging out with me this year and I'm excited for what the new year has to hold for me

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Debra said...

That is so neat.
Wow, you have a lot of projects going, wish you the best.

Sharon said...

What neat projects you have for the year to come! I can't wait to see them blossom and grow through the year!!! :)

Addicted to crafts said...

You have decided on some great projects for 2011.
Good luck finishing them.

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