Monday, January 10, 2011

Question for you all

Think I may run out of room on my fabric. It is 18" across and the letters are about 2" with the pictures added, without the pictures they will be maybe and 1 1/2". Will be doing 4 across and will space added in-between not sure there is enough room. Can you all let me know what you think. This post is also on my blog if you would rather leave comment there. Will leave you with a pictures of my progress so far. The fabric is a pale blue, not sure you can see the color in this picture.

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Terri said...

How much space are you putting between the two? cause if it is 18" wide you still might have enough are you trying to leave 3 inches for framing/finishing??

Emily in NC said...

Am leaving about two inches for finishing, should probably be more but didn't really calculate that well. About 4 squares in between which is maybe 1/4 of an inch.

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