Saturday, January 1, 2011

So Many WIPS To Get Done!!!

I have too many WIPS to finish and so happy we have this Blog!!  I have 54 WIPS/UFO's that I really need to work on!  So there will be no new starts for quite awhile. Since I am a Startaholic this can be tough, lol.  With all your help I know I can do it : )
At the moment I am doing Frederick the Literate, Snoozin and  Snowfriend Orn. from Demensions.  This blog will help me to be more motivated.

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Tempewytch said...

Good luck with these, I'll be getting Terri to post my plans in a bit :)

Sharon said...

Go, go, go!!! Hopefully, by this time next year, we'll all have HUGE lists of FINISHES and even longer lists of new "wanna do's" :)

chrisstitches said...

I love the progress on the Monopoly board. Keep up the great progress!

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