Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Stitching

Thanks for allowing me to participate in the blog. Like you, I have a lot I want to accomplish this year. One project I may actually finish today! I have been working on my grandson's birth sampler for several years. Aiden is going to be 3 on Jan.24 and I wanted to have it finished by then. I worked on it yesterday and I am almost finished! I just need to put on his birthdate and do a little outlining on the animal faces and it will be ready to go to the framers!
I have quite a few goals for this coming years. I have started Autumn at Hawk Hollow Run and would like to have at least four - six blocks done by the end of the year. It will be my big project. I am about half way finished with a picture of Monticello that I purchased on vacation this past summer. I bought about a half dozen kits at different historical sites and I would like to add them to my rotation. My small projects will be towels, coasters, etc. that I have had bought up for years and I want to get some of them worked. That means that I will have the big project, a historical kit project, and a small project going. I think that this is a reasonable goal. Good luck to everyone else on achieving their stitching and nonstitching goals for this year. Angel

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Emily in NC said...

You have some good goals Angel. Am also going to have several things going at once, have never done that before so looking forward to getting horribly confused.

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