Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 SAL's

First of all I would like to thank Terri for inviting me to join this blog.  I am going to enjoy watching all of you progress on your 2011 SAL's throughout the year.

I have 3 major projects that I need to get done.  The first one is a baby blanket which I must try to get done by January 22nd.  It has a total of 24 squares and I am just finishing square #4.  I am doing the EMS baby animals and zoo animals on the blanket.  The baby is not due until April but the shower is going to be on January 22nd so I would like to have it done for the shower. (It's going to be tough - she might get a partial blanket so see at the shower and I will have to take it back to finish it!!)

My second project is to finish a wedding sampler for my niece who is getting married in March.  I have the wording all done just have to finish the border and get it framed. 

My third project is another baby blanket just like the first one I am doing.  I have two great nephews or nieces being born this year, one due in April and the other one in May.  So our family is expanding with marriages in March, and then babies in April and May.

If I am not totally crazy after doing these 3 major things I would like to do one more baby blanket.  My daughters' band director and his wife are expecting in June.  This blanket would be alphabet letters I believe because I am sure I will be really tired of doing animals by then.

So everyone I need your encouragement to get all of these things done and not go crazy - LOL.

Janet Stanko

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