Sunday, March 13, 2011

Treasure Quest

I'm trying to be better about posting updates on my HAED's. I am rotating 4 of them at the moment(that # could change if my fabric ever comes in) but I haven't been good about posting updates. Since I am no good at keeping track of how many hours I put in at any one time I keep track of how many stitches I do each day. So far Treasure Quest has had 2 turns in the rotation of 2 weeks each time. The first 2 weeks I put in 2214 stitches & the second two weeks I put in 1639. The 2nd rotation had alot more confetti stitching. Now I have put this away and am working on the Astronomer(the HAED that started my addiction) for the next 2 weeks.

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Sharon said...

Holy Schmoley! I admire your chutzpah to work on HAED's. I keep being SO tempted to order one. You're off to a great start - can't wait to watch your progress. :)

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